Join us on an unforgettable adventure

Summer Scriptwriting Base is an immersive learning experience: unique combination of summer boot camp, creative journey, and rural retreat we have designed. The participants will gain a deep understanding and know-how on exciting and cutting-edge topics such as building sci-fi and fantasy storyworlds, creating content for live action role-playing, interactive storytelling, and designing of alternate reality games and experiences.


Is the theme of our adventure. 7 out of 10 of the highest grossing movies of all time belong to the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Sci-fi and fantasy are extremely popular, and for a good reason: they are fun and often magical experience. But they can also help develop our imagination and allow us to ask the most powerful question of all: “What if?”. Legendary sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke calls sci-fi “the only genuine conscience-expanding drug,” while historian Yuval Harari considers it the most important artistic genre today. Join us on our journey to Alternate Realities!





Your guides in this adventure will be our super team of well-established professionals.

Caspar Schjelbred #1


Your fellow travelers in this journey will be creative minds from all over the world. Summer Scriptwriting Base is a mind-blowing creative boost and a truly transformative experience of learning, creating and sharing. The experience is custom-tailored for creative content makers, game and experience designers, theatre and cinema-makers, multimedia artists, creative writers, and anyone who considers themselves a creative person.




Summer Scriptwriting Base "Alternate Realities" is now over. We would like to thank our participants:Angel Petrov (BG), Ariella Stoian (AU/GB), Balint Mark Turi (HU), Cheri Elisabeth Allcock (GB), Delphine Jonas (FR), Diana Monova (BG/BE), Emilia Zgurova (BG), Eva Danailova (BG), Ina Petkova (BG), Jana Romanova (RU/NL), Joren Vandenbroucke (BE), Nella Chilachava (GE/RU), Olena Rosstalna (UA), Petar Kanchev (BG), Rebekka Bohse Meyer (DK), Rob Reese (US), Sander van Bellegem (BE), Sarah De Mulder (BE), Scott Watson (GB), Thore Davies (DK), Vasil Spasov (BG), Vasil Vasilev (BG/DE), Viara Todorova-Androva (BG/BE) & Yuliyana Savova (BG)
We are looking forward to meeting you next year!

Journey to the magicland

Summer Scriptwriting Base will take place in the mountain village of Dolen. Often included among the most beautiful villages in Bulgaria, Dolen is located deep within the Rhodope Mountains. It is famous with its old traditional houses, earning it the status of National Architectural Reserve. The Rhodope Mountains are among the most unspoiled regions in Bulgaria, filled with breathtaking views. According to legend, the mountain range was home to the mythological musician Orpheus. More recently, Dolen’s traditional singing was designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.