What is WOMED?

Women in the Media (WOMED) project supports women in the creative industries, especially women screenwriters, directors and producers in the television and film industries. It provides both an overview of the situation of women in these sectors. Тhe main task of the project is to create an online educational platform for the development of their professional knowledge and thus their application in leading positions in the field. The project aims to reach more than 2,000 women across Europe and support women in professional growth and successful entrepreneurship in the film and audiovisual sector.

In the initial phase, the project maps the real needs of women in these professions, the availability of information, training opportunities and support.

Following the mapping, a set of online training materials will be developed, specially designed to help women understand the diversity of the sector and what knowledge is needed for the jobs required.

The project will also create an online platform for online support and intervention for the inclusion of women in this under-represented sector. The content of the platform will actively support and promote the educational program for women.​


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