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Creative Storytelling: How to Create and Tell a Good Story

The workshop Creative Sotrytelling with Dimitar Uzunov was included in the Best 10 Creative Events in London for September 2018.


“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation to come”
Steve Jobs

Stories guide and give meaning to our lives. Humans need stories to convey meaning, values and hope. Human cognition is based on stories and the human brain is a kind of cognitive machine that serves us to understand, remember and transmit stories. Stories are a reflection of human thought.

This workshop covers the complete process of creating and telling a good story. Participants will learn how to gather materials to build stories. Then, through games and exercises, they will develop specific skills and knowledge to create successful stories. The last part of the training will focus on how to tell your story in a compelling and engaging way to an audience.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:Methodology for gathering story material; Exercises and games to develop creative and storytelling skills; Acquiring the tools to successfully create stories; Ideas on how to structure your story Coaching on public storytelling.
FOR WHOM:The workshop is designed for people who create and tell stories for artistic purposes, to defend a cause, for personal development and for business purposes - to be better leaders and influencers.
FORMAT:The workshop is offered in different formats: from 1-hour to 24-hour.
FACILITATOR:Dimitar Uzunov


Storyworld design is a key aspect of all fiction, but is of paramount importance for the sci-fi and fantasy genres. For this workshop, through games and exercises, we will learn what are the elements of a compelling storyworld and how to build from scratch a storyworld that will deeply resonate with audiences.
​This workshop is designed in collaboration with sci-fi author Daniel Roy.

FORMAT:3-hour, 8-hour
FACILITATOR:Dimitar Uzunov

The Art of Pitch: How to Present Our Idea in a Compelling and Engaging Way

Pitching today has established itself as the most widespread format for presenting ideas and projects. It has gained particular popularity in start-ups, film and television. In this intensive workshop, participants will learn what pitching is and how to successfully present their ideas and projects.

FORMAT:3-hour, 8-hour
FACILITATOR:Dimitar Uzunov

Science communication

This workshop introduces us to what Science Communication and Public Engagement with Science are. Different formats of science communication will be discussed. Through hands-on exercises, participants will step into the role of science communicators and receive personalized feedback.

FOR WHOM: The workshop is designed for students, teachers and scientists working in STEM-disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Participants from all areas of the humanities and arts and anyone with a desire to improve their communication skills are also welcome and will find this workshop extremely useful.
FACILITATOR:Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov

Public speaking

You have an important presentation coming up but you are afraid to stand up in front of an audience? You worry your voice will sound weak and unsteady and your movements will be uncontrolled? You don’t know how to improve the rhythm and intonation of your words? Don’t understand body language? When you speak you feel you are losing the attention of your audience? Your tongue slurs your words? You don’t feel you have a strong presence in front of an audience?

This personalized training will help you find clear answers and solutions to all of these questions. The training is adapted to any kind of public speaking: conferences, presentations, corporate meetings and speeches.
The training is made up of exercises, games and examples of different stage techniques.

FOR WHOM:Professionals from all fields who need to learn and master the techniques of successful public speaking.
FORMAT:The workshop is offered in different formats: from 3-hour to 24-hour.
FACILITATOR:Dimitar Uzunov

Digital creative storytelling

How many times have you heard the phrase “Tell it with a story, that’s how it’s most impactful? And how easy is it to create a story? Do you know how a successful story should be created and told? And have you ever been embarrassed to speak in front of an audience? Do you know how to use different digital tools to tell the story of your cause or business? Do you want to learn how to make your story into a short and impactful video to share on social media?
If you recognize yourself in that description, then our course is right for you.

WHAT DOES THE COURSE INCLUDES:We offer a full-day training in Digital Creative Storytelling. The training consists of two parts. In the first, participants will learn practical and theoretical tools on how to create a good story and how to tell it in a compelling and engaging way. Through informal methods, games, group work and exercises, course participants will develop specific skills and ideas on how to create and successfully tell a good story. Participants will work on stories created by themselves. In the second part, participants will create their own digital audio-visual stories using as a script the stories they have created. The participants will gain knowledge on how to collect and create materials for them: record voice-over, source license-free photos, illustrations, video and music from the Internet, shoot their own video, use personal drawings. Finally, the collected material will be edited into a short, personal digital story that can be shared online across various communication channels and social networks. Participants will need to bring a laptop or tablet for training purposes.
FOR WHOM:The course is aimed at people working on their own stories for artistic, advocacy or personal development purposes and those working on developing their story to be better leaders and more influential people. Participants will gain and develop their skills to communicate ideas and messages.
FACILITATOR:Dimitar Uzunov

Immersive & site-specific storytelling

The workshop will introduce participants and develop their skills into immersive storytelling and experiences. Immersive storytelling immerse the spectator physically in the world of the story and turn them into an active participant and often even creator of the story. They are widely used in various fields of art, education and business.  Immersive stories offer a more holistic and impactful way of storytelling by using the historical, architectural and cultural specificities of a particular place and embodying them in the fabric of the stories being told. Workshop participants will be introduced to a variety of techniques and forms and will create different immersive storytelling experiences.

FOR WHOM:For game and experience designers, creative writers, theatre-makers and architects.
FORMAT:The workshop is offered in different formats: from 3-hour to 24-hour.
FACILITATOR:Dimitar Uzunov

Personalised Workshops

​Arte Urbana Collectif designs tailor-made workshops, courses, and coaching sessions that will meet your specific requirements for content, audience, and format. For all questions and requests regarding our educational activities, please contact us at or +359 877 316121.