Cartography meets video art


Maps have accompanied and supported the development of human civilization. In “The Exciting World of Maps”, geographer Evgenia Sarafova and video-artist Nikola Nalbantov will tell us about the history of maps, their use, and some unexpected and curious applications. Director: Dimitar Uzunov


Chemistry meets music and impro-theatre


Poisons accompany mankind both in life and on stage. There is something mystical about death by poisoning that provokes the imagination. Starting with Socrates’ walk after drinking the bucinish, continuing through Romeo and Juliet and their two poisons, the imaginary and the real, we can go all the way to the comedy The Princess Bride and a poison that “has no colour, taste or smell and dissolves instantly into liquid”. But which poisons really work like that, which are complete fiction and which are real poisons beyond our wildest imaginations? This is what you will learn from chemist Nasko Stamenov and impro-actor Jivko Jouranov. Original sound: Anna Bo; Artistic supervisor: Dimitar Uzunov.


Astrophysics meets music and impro-theatre 


In the heart of the Milky Way there is a supermassive black hole. This is a real space-monster in which could easily fit millions of suns. What does it do there and what are the active galactic nuclei? We will find out the answers together during an exciting space adventure that combines science with theater and music in an interactive and entertaining way.


Augmented Lecture by and with Vladimir Bozhilov PhD, astrophysicist from Sofia University Physics Department, Anna Bo, composer and sound designer, and Jivko Jouranov, impro and puppet actor.


​Biology meets video-art 


Artificial human organs that replace defective or obsolete natural originals. Mothers who give birth through synthetic organs. Immortal people. Does that sound fantastic to you? The new reality is already knocking on the door. Come and adjust your watches!


Can science take one of the last bastions of nature – immortality? Not only will you hear our answer, but you will also touch on medical approaches that go from science fiction to science reality.


Augmented Lecture by and with Spas Kerimov, medical doctor and founder and CEO of biotech company creating living tissues & organoids with 3D-bioprinting technology, Nikola Nalbantov, set designer and video-artist, and Dimitar Uzunov, actor and theatre director.


Paleozoology meets theatre


When man first domesticated animals, he did not realize what would happen next. Thirteen thousand years later, it was his turn to be tamed. Now the fate of humanity is in the hands of a woman. Will she be able to fight the Beast? What do we know today about the first domesticated animals and how has this ability changed the course of human civilization? What does it mean for our future?


Augmented Lecture by and with Nadezhda Karastoyanova PhD, archeozoologist from the National Museum of Natural History – Bulgarian Academy of Science, Denitsa Zafirova, actress, and Stefan Prohorov, theatre director.