Climate change presents a long-term and formidable challenge to modern society. As the need for mitigation and adaptation becomes increasingly urgent, the role of culture and art in driving comprehensive societal transformation cannot be overstated. The RE-IMAGINE project seeks to redefine the social role of performing arts organizations as agents of environmental change. The RE-IMAGINE project aims to build capacities within organizations and professionals in the performing arts, to achieve goals related to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving zero-waste production, among others. By fostering internal changes in working practices, the project also aspires to bring about a significant shift in the external actions of the performing arts sector, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.

Project consortium gathers organizations that are among the pioneers in their countries regarding the promotion and implementation of green policies in culture and creative sectors and have now taken the leading role of advocates for environment-friendly and sustainable artistic production. 

RE-IMAGINE is implemented by Green Art Incubator (Serbia), Lokomotiva (North Macedonia), Pro Progressione (Hungary) and Arte Urbana Collectif (Bulgaria).


The first residency of the RE-IMAGINE Green programme took place in April in Sofia, organised by Arte Urbana Collectif. Within five days (8-12.04.2024), in Toplocentrala, together with 30 independent artists, climate experts, speakers and cultural managers from 8 countries, we tried to find working green solutions to integrate in our work and exchanged valuable practices. Along with the valuable talks and lectures, we had a lot of fun during the inspiring workshops, which inflamed our creativity!

See the best moment of the residency through the camera of Dessislava Todorova from Kadar Media.