Active Events

How to Become Einstein in One Hour?

Dimitar Uzunov and the team of the show have the ambitious task to turn each audience member into a creativity expert in one hour. Are you ready to stand up to the challenge?

Theatre & Science

THEATRE & SCIENCE is an initiative of Arte Urbana Collectif that brings art, science, technology and society together. The initiative includes Project CURIOUS with Theatre of Wonder festival, The Long Way to the Stars and Andrea Brunello from Jet Propulsion Theatre.

Past Events


George Kaplan

George Kaplan is an intellectual entertainment that invites us to think about the way the modern world is arranged.

27th The Fence Meeting

The Fence is an international network for playwrights and theatre-makers across Europe and beyond. The network comprises over 250 members from more than 50 countries.

Rui Frati & Theatre of the Oppressed

The Theater of the Oppressed describes theatrical forms that the Brazilian theater practitioner Augusto Boal first elaborated in the 1970s, first in Brazil and then in Europe.

Shangri-La Fest

​Shangri-La Fest, festival of dreams is organised by Arte Urbana Collectif in partnership with Summer Scriptwriting Base.