Summer Scriptwriting Base is an immersive learning experience, a unique combination of summer school, creative adventure, and rural retreat. The participants gain a deep understanding and know-how of the art of storytelling: how to create compelling characters, how to build captivating story worlds, and how to use thrilling elements to grab and hold the attention of the reader or viewer. Participants take a deep dive into exciting and cutting-edge topics such as interactive and immersive storytelling, game and experience design, adventure design, and live-action role-playing.






“Mountain’s Secrets” will be the theme of our adventure this year as we dive deep into the thriller and mystery genres. Both provide a sense of excitement and suspense that keep readers and viewers engaged and entertained. They also often explore deeper themes, making for thought-provoking and enriching stories. They often require readers or viewers to think critically and solve puzzles, which can be intellectually stimulating. Thriller and mystery can also provide an excellent way to escape the stresses of everyday life, allowing us to lose ourselves in captivating new worlds. Join us on our journey in search of Mountain’s Secrets!






Your mentors in this adventure will be an international team of skillful and experienced guides:

David Bassuk
Dimitar Uzunov


Your fellow adventurers in this journey will be creative minds from all over the world. Summer Scriptwriting Base is a mind-blowing creative boost and a truly transformative experience of learning, creating, and sharing. The experience is custom-tailored for creative content makers, writers, game and experience designers, theatre and cinema-makers, multimedia artists, and anyone who considers themselves a creative person.






Summer Scriptwriting Base will take place in the mountain village of Dolen. Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Bulgaria, Dolen is located deep within the Rhodope Mountains. It is famous for its old traditional houses, earning it the status of National Architectural Reserve. The Rhodope Mountains are among the most unspoiled regions in Bulgaria and are filled with breathtaking views. According to legend, the mountain range was home to the mythological musician Orpheus. More recently, Dolen’s traditional singing was designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.






To join us in this exciting journey you should fill an application form. As we accept on a rolling basis and the number of participants is limited to twenty, we suggest applying as early as possible.