About the event

“Art is not a mirror held up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it”

Hello and welcome to the website of the Summer Scriptwriting Camp “House for Disobedients”!

This year’s Summer Scriptwriting Camp will be held in the village of Gabrovtsi, Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo from July 23 to August 5. If it is the first time you hear about us, the following lines will introduce you to who we are, what we do and where we can take you. Follow us!

“House for Disobedients” is an international educational forum in scriptwriting, linking various genres through a documentary framework. In the span of two week established and novice writers of scenarios, theatre plays and all other sort of scriptwriting will participate in lectures and workshops led by well-known European and Balkan teachers and practitioners. The program includes four lectures on topics of writing for theatre, movies, dance and performance-installations and three workshop (five days each) – scriptwriting for short films, for theatre and for audio-theatre and audio-installations.

Base of this year’s camp will be the building of a former professional-disciplining boarding school in Gabrovtsi which was transformed by the art group Duppini into a centre for art residencies. Here in the recent past were sent to study, work and live under-age delinquents to be “re-educated” in order to reintegrate into the norms of society. This former “correctional institution” which is marked by multiple stories, lives and traces of the past is the starting point and at the same time a thematic framework of the “House for Disobedients” camp.

The practical work that will be conducted in the workshops will be inspired by the documentary materials that can be found in this boarding school, as well as by numerous land-art artworks spread in the area. The goal is for the participants to experience and understand how the same material is interpreted in writing for various performing and audiovisual arts.

The Summer Scriptwriting Camp 2016 will be international – Bulgarian and foreign participants will work together and all lectures and workshops will be in English.

The main objective of the Summer Scriptwriting Camp project is to generate a creative environment where different perspectives on scriptwriting for contemporary arts will intersect. It will also provide practical experience in a laboratory setting which will be of immense benefit to the participants in their future practical work. New forms and practices in the field of cinema, theatre, dance, performance installations, audio-theatre and audio-installation will be presented. Particular attention will be paid to new working models of pre-production and research stages.

Summer Scriptwriting Camp is organized with the partnership of Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and Institut Français Bulgarie and the financial support of the Franco – German Cultural Fund.

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